Privacy Policy:


Data Collection and Usage:

Horseshoe Bay Real Estate collects and uses personal and property information provided by users to facilitate real estate services, including buying, selling, and renting properties. User data collected may include contact details, property preferences, and information for mortgage calculations and valuation analysis. This data is used for communication, property matching, valuation analysis, and related services.

Cookies and Tracking:

Horseshoe Bay Real Estate employs cookies and similar tracking technologies to enhance user experience, monitor website performance, and analyze user behavior. Cookies may collect information such as IP addresses, browser types, referral sources, and browsing patterns. This data is used for website optimization and improving our services.

Financial Data:

Horseshoe Bay Real Estate does not store financial data on its servers. Any financial calculations provided via mortgage calculators are for estimation purposes only and are not stored or retained.

Third Parties:

Horseshoe Bay Real Estate does not share user data with third parties for marketing, advertising, or any other purposes.

Data Security:

User data security is a priority for Horseshoe Bay Real Estate. Encryption and safeguards are in place to protect sensitive information.Data Access and Correction:
Users can request access, correction, or deletion of their data by contacting Horseshoe Bay Real Estate.


By using the website, users consent to the collection, processing, and sharing of their data as described in the Privacy Policy.

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